In 2018, the renowned Southeast Alaska artists Eric and Pam Bealer left their remote homestead property to the Sitka Conservation Society’s Living Wilderness Fund. The property is in the Lisianski Inlet of Chichagof Island near K’udeis’x̱’e Pelican, AK and only accessible by boat and small plane. It is surrounded by the magnificent West Chichagof-Yakobi Wilderness, which SCS original members spent years working to get established by bringing policymakers and others to the area in order for them to form their own meaningful connections to place; ones you can only get from first hand experience.

The Bealers were deeply connected to the lands and waters surrounding their home and that was reflected in both their lifestyle and art. They strived to live a life on the Sea Pony Farm where they were as self reliant as possible and used only materials that they could gather and harvest from the surrounding natural environment. Eric’s incredibly detailed wood engraving prints of nature scenes developed from moments living life in this place were sold in the community at local shops and he was well known throughout the state. His work inspired and connected people to the scenery, landscapes, and fine details of the place. The Bealers asked that SCS use the property “to continue to help and protect this land that we so love.”

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A Creative Retreat

SCS has been using the property as a creative retreat and as a field station for stewardship activities on surrounding Tongass National Forest lands. We’re connecting artists, writers, and community leaders from diverse backgrounds and mediums who are involved in environmental work to the Tongass – people who will take the inspiration afforded to them through their experience, share it widely through myriad mediums, and advocate for this place.

Creative outputs and networks as a result of retreats help to further SCS’s mission by engaging broader audiences, inspiring new advocates for the Tongass and Wilderness, and fostering new ideas for advocating for policies and actions we want to see.


Residency Spotlights

Norm Campbell

Steve Lawrie

Michaela Goade

Leslie Espino

brontë velez

Julian Brave NoiseCat

Dr. Katharine K. Wilkinson

Maureen O'Hanlon

Annie Bartholomew

Randy Bollinger

Joe and Yarona Jacobson & Merrick Bochart

Tristan Rhodes

Get Involved

If you are an artist that connects art creations/advocacy work with our mission to protect the Tongass or a non-profit worker focused on climate change issues, renewable energy, indigenous activism, or environmental policy, we invite you to fill out our application.

All art forms are considered, including Visual Art, Printmaking, Photography, Film, Fiber Arts, Writing, Spoken word, Music, Dance, Mixed Medias, Carpentry and Woodworking, Boat Building, and more.

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Support Our Work

If you would like to support this project and program, your donation or fundraising efforts can sponsor an artist, support property development and the creative retreat program, or be a contribution to the Living Wilderness Fund. We are also looking for special property items for use at Sea Pony Farm. You can support Sea Pony Farm by making a donation for a specific item donating the item itself.

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