The Sitka Conservation Society works to protect the natural environment of the Tongass and support the development of socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable communities in Southeast Alaska. We work on a wide range of issues, including community development projects and initiatives, policy and advocacy work, and media and communication programs. SCS is based in Sitka, Alaska and works across all of Southeast Alaska with the Sustainable Southeast Partnership. SCS works to catalyze systems change to achieve increased community prosperity in ways that are regenerative, while protecting and conserving the natural environment. Through partnerships with a wide range of State and Federal agencies, tribal entities, Alaska Native corporations, non-profits, and businesses, we work to create a strong social and economic future for our communities and Alaska; while conserving what we love about Alaska’s natural environment, facing the issues of climate change, and preserving our ecosystems, wildlife and fisheries.

Our unique holistic approach to rural economic development and conservation has resulted in organizational growth and opportunities. The effort to achieve our mission and work as part of a broader movement in Alaska towards creating a sustainable future relies on the support of everyone – including you!

We will use this page to post job openings at the Sitka Conservation Society, as well as those of some of our partner organizations and entities that work to shape Alaska's future and care for our natural environment. 

Beneficial Electrification Fellow

This summer, Sitka Conservation Society is hosting a Fellow position through the Alaska Conservation Foundation’s Ted Smith Internship program. This position will help lead a project at the intersection of climate change, community organizing, and direct service delivery, while building leadership and project management skills. The Fellow’s efforts will contribute to the beneficial electrification of Sitka and will create opportunities to inform local, state and national policy. This position is a paid internship with travel stipends. 

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Living with the Land and Building Community Coordinator

For over ten years, we have had the privilege of hosting a position through the Jesuit Volunteer Corps Northwest that helps connect youth with their community and environment.

Our Living With the Land and Building Community Coordinator serves the community of Sheet’ká Kwáan Sitka, Alaska to put sustainability and environmental conservation into practice. They do this in collaboration with our community partners to create Sitka Conservation Society’s Alaska Way of Life 4-H programs and activities for youth that combine knowledge from elders on "how to live with the land" with our current pursuit of "what sustainability looks like" to create and practice skills-sets, knowledge, and values that help Alaska youth prepare for the future.

With the support of this role, Sitka 4-Hers create and practice skills-sets, knowledge, and values that better equip them for a happy and healthy life. Each Jesuit Volunteer at SCS brings a unique and valued perspective that keeps this programming fresh and exciting for everyone.

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Volunteer Opportunities

Sitka Conservation Society conducts a variety of programs throughout the year.  At times, we have needs for volunteers to help do various tasks. These tasks can vary, whether it’s helping set up for a community potluck, transporting lumber between rural communities by boat, or doing wilderness quality monitoring while out on a fishing trip. If you would like to volunteer with Sitka Conservation Society, please send us a note telling us about your interests and skills, and we’ll work on connecting you with the current or future projects that we or our partners have running. 

Do you know how to tan deer hides, make balm out of local ingredients, track marten and other critters, or weave cedar bark? For people who live here in Sitka or Southeast Alaska and want to share a unique skillset and experience with local youth, our 4H program works with adult volunteers to offer learning experiences for youth. If you are interested in becoming an Alaska Way of Life 4-H volunteer, reach out to Emily at [email protected] for more information. 


SCS regularly hosts college-level fellowships and high school internships to build experience, learning, and grow capacity for young people interested in rural development and conservation.  For the past 15 years, we have partnered with the Alaska Conservation Foundation to offer a paid internship, which we will post for applicants around February/March. We also work with interested college students to raise funds through programs at their colleges, Universities, or businesses to offer opportunities to gain work experience.

We also host an internship program for high school students to learn about leadership development and catalyzing policy action on a wide variety of conservation issues at local, state, and federal levels. Contact [email protected] to learn more about our internship and fellowship programs.

If you are passionate about our work and would like to pursue an internship or fellowship with us, please send a resume and letter of interest to [email protected]