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The Tongass National Forest is public land: meaning that all Americans have a stake and a voice in how it is managed. You can tell your representatives to protect the unique natural environment of the Tongass, support community-led sustainable development, invest in renewable energy projects or sustainable tourism infrastructure, and advocate for further measures to protect the Tongass.

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Public lands are a national treasure and part of living in a democracy is to help take care of our network of public lands. SCS frequently works on projects taking care of the lands and waters of our national forest and there are often ways that volunteers can help. If you are interested in being part of our work or projects, please get in touch. 

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If you feel passionately about an issue facing the Tongass and want to make your voice heard, you can write a letter to the editor, submit a commentary to the radio, or write an op-ed. Contact our policy team to brainstorm ideas or for support with an outline or submittal process.

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