In fall of 2022, Sitka Conservation Society hosted Juneau-based songwriter and audio storyteller Annie Bartholomew at our Sea Pony Farm Property. Armed with her banjo and fiddle, Annie came to Lisianski Inlet to work on her music and prepare for recording her new album Sisters of White Chapel. Annie’s beautiful voice, playing, and lyrics echoed throughout not only the forests and waters of K’udeis’x̱’e, but also during two intimate, spontaneous concerts held for local residents on the boardwalk outside of the Lisianski Inlet Cafe and in Rosie’s Bar & Grill.

Through retreats like Annie’s, we are connecting artists to places where they can not only find inspiration, but also support our mission through their work. Eric and Pam were musicians who loved folk music, we at SCS are honored to host Annie at this property and continue the tradition of folk music in rural fishing communities across Southeast Alaska. Says Annie, “I found my time there so inspiring and I'd really love to get to know the community of Pelican better. I would love to come back, and have ideas for bringing more musicians out there.”

We’re looking forward to bringing Annie to the property again in the near future. If you want to sponsor Annie or a future creative retreat at this property, donations can be made to SCS and our Living Wilderness Fund endowment. If you have questions or want to learn more about how you can support this project, contact [email protected].

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To support Annie's work, you can purchase a copy of her new album Sisters of the White Chapel here.