In summer 2021, as Sitka Conservation Society continued to develop the Sea Pony Farm property left to us by artists Eric and Pam Bealer, we continued to create opportunities for artists of various backgrounds to have creative retreats that year. One of these artists was local Sitkan Maureen O’Hanlon, a skilled carpenter, knife sharpener, and surfer, with a degree in Architecture from Yale, who showed her dedication to the project through the level of detail and care she put into building this structure.

In the spirit of the Bealers, Maureen used urban removal and beach salvaged from yellow and red cedar trees to create a sauna for property visitors. The structure is an exemplary display of craftsmanship. The lumber was provided by SCS members including Ernie Eggleston, Clayton Stromquist, Tad Kisaka, and TM Construction.

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