Our Team

Andrew Thoms
Executive Director

Katie Riley
Deputy Director of Policy and Programming

Kylee Jones
Operations Administrator

Bethany Goodrich
Storytelling Program Director

Chandler O'Connell
Community Catalyst

Ryan Morse
Communications Director

Lione Clare
Wilderness & Community Engagement Coordinator

Heather Bauscher
Fisheries Community Engagement Specialist

Lee House
Southeast AK Sustainability Strategy (SASS) Storytelling Specialist

Maury Skeele
Sitka Youth Community Development Catalyst

Allie Prokosch
Living with the Land and Building Community Coordinator

Aukema Fuller
Alaska Way of Life Development Fellow

Board of Directors

Debra Brushafer
Board President

Krystina Scheller
Board Vice President

Marian Allen
Board Secretary

Adrienne Wilber
Board Treasurer

Keith Nyitray
Board Member

Jasmine Shaw
Board Member

Steve Fish
Board Member

Patricia Kehoe
Board Member

Brendan Jones
Board Member