Threats to Salmon from Transboundary Mining Projects

King salmon, the most iconic of the five salmon species, have a greater dependence on large mainland river systems than other salmon species in the region. The majority of the key King systems we rely upon in Southeast Alaska are transboundary rivers with headwaters in Canada; the Taku, Stikine, and Unuk Rivers together contribute $48M annually to Southeast Alaska’s economy. 

These rivers have a number of mining projects either proposed or in various stages of development. These projects benefit Canadian mining companies and foreign corporate interests, while many who rely upon these waters, such as Indigenous nations and Southeast Alaskans fishermen, assume all of the risk of potential downstream pollution.

Sitka Conservation Society works with partners across the region and state to organize communities to raise their voices against different mining projects, from Transboundary mines to the proposed Pebble Mine.