Contributions to the Sitka Carbon Offset Fund can be made here.

We all love this community. The people, clean air, water, wildlife, fish, and magnificent landscapes. And many of us want to find ways to take care of this place for generations to come, particularly in the face of climate change.

In Sitka, we are fortunate to have abundant and clean hydropower powering our homes, but many Sitkans still don’t have affordable access to clean electric heating systems. Even though electric air-source heat pumps are cheaper in the long run than diesel-based heating systems and reduce CO2 emissions, the upfront costs of installing these devices prevent many households from making the conversion.

The Sitka Carbon Offset Fund is a project of the Sitka Conservation Society that uses donated contributions from locals and travelers to fund air source heat pump conversions for households with financial need, getting folks off of fossil fuels and reducing Sitka’s carbon footprint. The conversions we’ve completed are estimated to displace on average over 10,000 pounds of CO2 per year and have created big cost savings for families, while bringing new revenue into our local electric fund, supporting community cost sharing.

Residents, visitors and tourists alike can work together to make clean energy technologies more accessible and make Sitka more sustainable. Donate to the Sitka Carbon Offset Fund today to help offset your carbon footprint, decarbonize Sitka and lower the cost of living, one heating system at a time.

Donate to the Sitka Carbon Offset Fund or apply for a heat pump conversion award.