We are a nonprofit community bicycle cooperative located in Sitka, Alaska. Through our sliding scale membership program, community members gain access to a joyful, inclusive space where collective members have access to the tools & education needed to maintain their own bikes.

We also:

  • Offer bike educational opportunities & workshops for bikers
  • Refurbish & donate used bikes to partner organizations who work directly with at-need populations.
  • Encourage biking as a healthy, affordable, sustainable means of transportation.

Our Vision

The Salty Spoke envisions a Sitka in which biking is a safe, accessible, enjoyable, and affordable means of transportation, where ridership is diverse and widespread and everyone who wants a bicycle has a functional one. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to build an inclusive and strong bicycling culture in Sheet’ká by increasing equitable access to safe, affordable transportation, decolonizing cycling by supporting women, youth and Indigenous bikers as well as Sitkans with income limitations, and offering programs that allow riders to have more agency over maintaining their own bikes.  


Want to become a member?

Members gain access to our bicycle shop during member “open hours”. They can access our tools, equipment, and can ask questions and learn maintenance skills from our on-duty shop mechanics and other members. Members can also attend any of our workshops for free.

Members pay an annual fee to help us maintain the shop, our tool library, and our other educational programs; our suggested donation for an annual membership is 2 times your hourly wage (for example, if you make $15/hour, your suggested fee would be $30/year).

Currently, our member hours are from 11-2 on Saturdays.

To learn about our membership program or how you can get involved, swing by on Saturdays between 11am-2pm or email us at thesaltyspoke[at]gmail.com. We are located next to the Beak Restaurant.

Learn more on our website.