Renewable Energy

Sitka is one of only ten communities across the United States that is 100% powered by renewable energy.

Rain and snowmelt power two salmon-friendly hydroelectric dams owned and managed by a municipal utility. Sitka Conservation Society has supported the expansion of Sitka’s hydroelectric generation capacity and utilization through workforce development efforts, energy education, initiatives that demonstrate use of the energy, communication projects on energy advancements, and advocating for policies that support clean energy expansion and adoption locally and across the nation. 

SCS supports energy education efforts to increase understanding of Sitka’s utility system and generation capacity. We conduct education and outreach efforts by issuing reports on Sitka’s energy future, hosting internships that build workforce skills needed to undertake the energy transition, and collaborating with a variety of local entities to advocate for increased investments in renewable energy generation capacity and use. 

On the policy front, SCS has helped amplify local voices and perspectives to federal decision makers by engaging youth and building advocacy skills, raised the profile of the importance of the Tongass National Forest for addressing climate change and producing renewable energy, brought attention to the challenges and opportunities for developing renewable energy on the Tongass National Forest, and increased equitable access to renewable energy energy infrastructure to hasten the transition from fossil fuels.