Marian is a longtime Southeast resident and former fisherwoman. Marian’s roots are in Maine. From her father she got her love of the woods and mountains and from her mother love of the sea. As a young person during the 1960s her passion for a healthy planet where there would be equity for everyone, drove her into political activism. A spontaneous trip on the ferry up the Inside Passage in 1978 opened the possibility of living the quiet, off-the-grid life she yearned for. After living that lifestyle for 16 years on Kasiana Island, she had to move to town for economic reasons. It was the rescinding of the Roadless Rule by the Bush administration that convinced her that she had to get actively involved in activism again. Her first action was a GreenPeace protest on Kupreanof Island and shortly after that she joined the SCS Board, recognizing that working in an organization is more effective than simply as an individual. She has worked in commercial fishing, as a seasonal Forest Service employee, for Alaska Marine Safety Education Association, taught at UAS Sitka as an English as Second Language Instructor, on a Title III Grant and as an adjunct, among other work. Retired now, she spends her days collecting and growing edibles and dye stuff, working with fibers, walking in the woods, being on the water, reading, and baking. She especially enjoys visits with family in Seattle, New Mexico and returning “home” to Maine. Marian has been a board member since 2006, and became Board Secretary in 2021.