This tribute was written by David S. Steward.

Margo Miller Adams was a Berkeley, California, tax accountant who stayed in her office only long enough to make it possible for her and her husband, Doug, to “make off” to the snorkeling treasures of Hawaii’s Kono Coast, or the coral splendors of The Great Barrier Reef of Australia, or the inter-tidal marvels of the beaches of Baranof Island, Alaska.

We knew her as a marvelous hostess, full of warmth and energy, and an even better guest. Before the days began, she would stand in our living room, looking out over Eastern Channel for whale or seals; for eagles or humming birds, and the occasional fishing boat. After breakfast she was the first one down to the beach, to turn the rocks over gently to find the crabs and clams and other inter-tidal life. And her joy extended to the top of Harbor Mountain where the view of Sitka Sound lies in the shadow of beautiful Mount Edgecumbe.

Margo loved wilderness. She was an early and frequent donor to The Living Wilderness Fund, appreciating the vulnerability of wilderness in these days of aggressive resource extraction and understanding that the future of untrammeled nature is uncertain. She made the endowing of a “Voice” for wilderness in the Tongass one of her causes.