Lione was born and raised in Sitka, and eager to get off the island for college. Throughout those years however, her studies and working as a summer intern with SCS shaped her values and passions and she realized how special and intertwined this place and community is. The pull to return home grew stronger and stronger and Lione has been back in Sitka full time since 2019 and working again with SCS since 2020. She helps manage the Sea Pony Farm property and programs, and works on a variety of Wilderness stewardship projects, including kayak and other remote expeditions in West Chichagof-Yakobi and other Wilderness Areas as part of our partnership with the USDA Forest Service. She is also part of the communications team and uses her photography and storytelling skills to document and share our work. Lione’s degree is in Resource Conservation from the University of Montana with minors in climate change studies and media arts. Lione has endless gratitude for living here and enjoys nature photography, hiking, biking, trail running, backcountry skiing, surfing, exploring on her skiff, kayaking, enjoying wild foods – basically anything you can do outdoors on Lingít Aaní. 

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