Lione Clare – Storytelling & Outreach Specialist

Lione was born and raised in Sitka. Her interest in photography and storytelling budded at 13. Since then, she has worked to capture and share her appreciation for the beauty, value, and interconnectedness of the natural world. Lione has a degree in Resource Conservation from the University of Montana with minors in climate change studies and media arts. Nature photography, and her work with SCS over multiple summers, has inspired Lione to work in environmental conservation and use her photography to communicate relationships between people and nature and the importance of sustaining those connections in our dynamic world. In her free time, Lione enjoys hiking, biking, trail running, camping, and exploring wherever life takes her, but her roots will always be dug deep in the Tongass.

Contact Lione at [email protected].

Recent posts by Lione:

Local Foods: Harvesting Seaweeds in Spring - Sitka Conservation Society

Local Foods: Harvesting Seaweeds in Spring - Sitka Conservation Society

We are excited to share tips on harvesting and cooking with seaweeds, which are plentiful on Tlingit Ani lands. Various studies find seaweed to be rich in nutrients, especially vitamin B-12.  Sitkan Scott Brylinsky shares his knowledge with us on harvesting, drying, and cooking with Porphyra, a group of seaweeds...

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