Katie Riley - Policy Director

Katie Riley was born and raised in Sitka, Alaska, and is happy to be home and working on supporting innovative policy initiatives and engagement at the Sitka Conservation Society. Katie has worked in the commercial fishing industry for seven years, both at a processor and on a commercial troll tender, servicing the small communities of southern Baranof Island. After graduating from the University of St Andrews in St Andrews, Scotland with a Masters of Arts in International Relations and Italian, she went to work in Madagascar at an international non-profit focused on conservation, sustainable social and economic development in a small fishing village on the Southwest coast. After a couple years on the reef, the mountains and stormy seas came calling and Katie returned home with a desire to apply her knowledge and experience to research and catalyze policy solutions to help conserve the rainforest she calls home. Katie enjoys playing rugby, hiking, being out on the water, and exploring near and far.

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