For questions or information about our current programs, or sharing skills to teach to Sitka youth, contact us at [email protected] or call 907-747-7509.

The Sitka Conservation Society connects youth to the natural environment of the Tongass through hands-on experiential education and leadership opportunities through the Alaska Way of Life 4-H Club. The Alaska Way of Life 4-H Club is part of the Sitka Spruce Tips 4-H Club, and is supported in partnership by SCS with the University of Alaska Fairbanks Cooperative Extension Service. This 4-H club focuses on teaching youth how to live with the land and sea, the Alaskan way. Our learning-teaching model facilitates leadership development as youth learn skills from community members, then pass on those skills to their peers and families. Our club is made possible by many local adult volunteers and organizations who are committed to positive youth development and community service. In addition to the Alaska Way of Life programs, 4-H projects in Sitka currently include gardening, shooting sports, woodworking, photography, food and nutrition.

The Alaska Way of Life 4-H programs reflect the natural cycles of Southeast Alaska. We develop relevant seasonal programming based on what’s happening in the environment around us and the interest of our volunteers and community partners. Programs have included hiking, wild edible harvesting,  game processing, and food preservation techniques such as jammaking, drying, and smoking. 4-H members commit to learning together, sharing knowledge, and giving back to the community. These opportunities are available to school-aged children 5-18 years old. Thanks to community support, there is minimal cost to participate. 

Interested in joining Sitka 4-H?

Contact us at [email protected] or call 907-747-7509.

Visit this link and click "Sitka Spruce Tips Club and Alaska Way of Life Project" to learn more and register. 

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