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The Sitka Conservation Society needs your help! If you believe in creating a sustainable economy in Sitka, you're concerned about the negative effects climate change will have on the Tongass, you're worried about the future of resource management in the Tongass, or you're just an engaged member of the conservation community, we need your voice. 

In 2016, SCS especially needs your support as we

 - challenge Senator Lisa Murkowski, Chairman of the Energy and Natural Resources Committee, to get serious about climate change.

 - build a sustainable, tiny house using local materials.

 - push hard for the rapid implementation of the Tongass Transition to second-growth timber.

 - increase the regulatory limits on the sac-roe herring industry.

Volunteer, spread the word, or become a member now!




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  • commented 2016-04-18 13:20:46 -0800
    Very cool this movement, support! shame do oxinova https://oxinova.exposure.co/suplemento-oxinova
  • commented 2015-01-30 19:05:48 -0900
    I love kayaking in Alaska! This is beautiful.

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