Wilderness Volunteers Needed: Summer 2014

Interested in volunteering with the Community Wilderness Stewardship Project? This year we'll have a number of opportunities for you to get into the field with SCS staff and USFS Wilderness Rangers to help collect monitoring data, remove invasive weeds, and enjoy our amazing Wilderness areas.

Below are the trips and dates with spots available for volunteers. To volunteer, fill out the forms and safety information here, and email them to [email protected]and [email protected].


Baird Islands – 5 days – June 16 to June 20 – 1 volunteer

Have you ever wanted to explore the wilds of West Chichagof? SCS is looking for one volunteer to accompany an expedition to the Baird Islands in West Chichagof Wilderness. The volunteer will assist SCS and Forest Service staff monitory visitor use, conduct invasive plant surveys, and act as a volunteer Wilderness Ranger. Logistics for the trip will include skiff travel to and from the Baird Islands and kayaking and camping while in the field.


Cordova Bay – 6 days – June 24 to June 29* – 1-2 volunteers

*Final dates still to be determined. Cordova Bay on Prince of Wales Island is inside of the South Prince of Wales Wilderness Area. For this expedition, SCS staff and volunteers will be dropped off in the bay by float plane with folding kayaks. After assembling the kayaks, the crew will survey the bay for invasive plants and monitor visitor use patterns. Return to Sitka will be by float plane.


White Sulfur – 8 days – July 15 to July 22nd - 4-5 volunteers

In partnership with the Sitka Ranger District Trail Maintenance crew, volunteers will travel to White Sulfur hotsprings, a popular destination in West Chichagof-Yakobi Wilderness area. Task will include assisting with trail work, recording visitor use, and inventorying and naturalizing campsites. Travel to and from the field site will be by boat.


Rakof Islands - 5days - July 7 to July 11 - 1 volunteer

Each summer the Tongass National Forest select Artists in Residence to join Wilderness Rangers in the field. Volunteers on this trip will join USFS Rangers and the Artist in Residence in the Rakof Islands of South Baranof Wilderness area. The crew will be transported by boat to the field site and continue by kayak before a boat trip back to Sitka.


Slocum Arm – 7 days – Jul 22 to July 29 – 2 volunteers

Working with Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation and SCS, volunteers will travel to West Chichagof-Yakobi Wilderness Area to install long-term stream monitoring stations. The crew will be transported to and from the field site by boat and then use kayaks to access monitoring sites.


Other trips throughout the summer.

As the summer progresses, we will be developing a number of other expeditions with exciting volunteer opportunities. Stay up to date on all of the announcements by signing up for our e-newsletter.

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