Wilderness Stewardship Project

In 2009, SCS launched the Sitka Community Wilderness Stewardship Project with funds from the National Forest Foundation and our own Living Wilderness Fund. Our goal was to bring together people and wilderness in an original and exciting way while also collecting valuable data on invasive species, human impacts on wilderness, and wildlife abundance. As Sitka residents explored the backcountry by kayak, float plane, boat, or on foot, we challenged them to join our Stewardship Project by observing and recording the species they encountered or noting any signs of overuse by people. This project radically increased SCS's base of knowledge while also encouraging more exploration of the playground we call the Tongass National Forest. 

Learn more about our findings and wilderness expeditions below!


Click on the white markers on our map of the Sitka Community Use Area to see where past expeditions have gone.

Project Reports:

 Check out the most recent project report below, or view our briefing sheets for past reports.

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