Wilderness Project 2011 Final Report

The Sitka Community Wilderness Stewardship Project seeks to connect communities with their local Wilderness areas by facilitating volunteer stewardship and monitoring. Over the past three years, the project has been an overwhelming success and will be continuing in to 2012 and 2013.

This is the Final Report for the 2011 Community Wilderness Stewardship Project. Components of the Data Report for the 2011 project can be found below. [issuu width=550 height=356 backgroundColor=%23222222 documentId=120427202650-a62bd04d7483481f9b436f16d3770f4b name=2011nff_report_web username=sitkawild tag=conservation unit=px v=2]

Can't see the report? Down load the pdf here: Wilderness Project 2011 Final Report

2011 Data Report

Cover sheet

Solitude Data Instructions

2011 Solitude Monitoring Data

2011 Plant List

2011 Plant Survey Map - West Chichagof-Yakobi

2011 Plant Survey Map - South Baranof

2011 Bird List

* Data is primarily for Sitka Ranger District. Data for other ranger districts can be found in the in reports specific to each Wilderness Area in thefull project file below.

Wilderness Stewardship Project 2011 - Full Project File- The full project file contains all photos, reports, data, radio interviews, videos, and products from the 2011 project. (This is a large file--3.5 Gb)




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