Wild Foods Potluck

WildfoodsPotluck_300x200.jpgWe are surrounded by a natural pantry here in Sitka. From beach asparagus to salmonberries to rockfish, the woods and waters in Sitka Sound teem with edible organisms. Nearly everyone here has a favorite way to prepare salmon or a secret recipe using local plants. The annual Sitka Conservation Society wild foods potluck celebrates our local knowledge about available natural foods and showcases their abundance. Additionally, it gives the community a chance to share an incredible variety of dishes, as well as the stories that came with them. This year over 200 people joined us for our 2014 potluck, bringing dishes from herring egg salad to stir-fried fiddleheads. Become an SCS member to stay abreast of our 2015 potluck plans. Stay in touch with the wild and keep cooking!

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