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Interested in volunteering with the Community Wilderness Stewardship Project? Here are a couple of ways to get your hands dirty protecting you local Wilderness Areas:

Heading out into the Wilds on your own? If you are planning to get out hunting, hiking, fishing, paddling, etc. in a designated Tongass Wilderness Area (like West Chichagof-Yakobi or South Baranof) please consider downloading, printing, and filling out our Encounter Monitoring Form (PDF). Recording how, when and where folks are using our Wilderness Areas can give us a base-line to chart increases or decreases in human impact. Just follow the instructions on the form and record the boats, planes, people, and human impacts you find. Then, return the forms to us.

Want to join the SCS Wilderness Crew on a trip? Occasionally, we have extra room for volunteers to join the Wilderness Crew on research expeditions. If you would like to add your name to the list of volunteers we contact when such opportunities arise, fill out the Volunteer Form and Medical History Form below and return it to [email protected]. Also, be sure to take the short (10-15 min) course which allows volunteers to ride in Forest Service aircraft (most of our trips involve small plane flights) and watch the Boat Safety Video. Please keep in mind that only current SCS members can join a Wilderness trip, so make sure you join or renew your membership!

Volunteer Form (MS Word)

Volunteer Form (PDF)

SCS Volunteer Waiver and Medical History Form (PDF)

USFS Flight Protocols: A-102: USFS Alaska Region Fixed Wing Safety Course * see instructions at the bottom of this post.

Volunteer Gear Checklist (MS Word) If you will be attending a trip, be sure to check out this gear checklist.


* Aviation Training Instructions

1. Go to this link and register as a user: https://www.iat.gov/Training/user.asp Fill in the required boxes. For "Bureau/Agency/Unit" enter: Forest Service, Region 10 Alaska Region, Tongass NF.

2. Once registered, make note of your user name and password and log-in to the website.

3. Go to the "On-Line Courses" list and scroll down to USFS ALASKA/REGION 10 SPECIFIC COURSES. Click on "A-102: USFS Alaska Region Fixed Wing Safety"

4. Complete the course. At the end, click on the link to take a short quiz. After passing the quiz, you will receive an email from "IAT Admin" that includes some instructions for locating your completion certificate. Please email an electronic copy of your certificate to [email protected].

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