Voices of the Tongass - Squid Fishing

Evening on the ocean. Photo by Berett Wilber

This week's episode of Voices of the Tongass features,Squid Fishing, a poem written and recited by Berett Wilber, who was born and raised in Sitka. Her collection of poems, entitled Lesser Known Marine Mammals Lesser Known Love Songs, won the departmental prize for poetry this year at Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota, where she has been a student since 2011. Many of the themes and images in her poems are drawn from her experiences growing up in the Tongass, from the ocean, and from everyday life in Sitka.

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squid fishing

it's snowing fat and white in denver and i am meeting your mother for the first time. she is burning the turkey and the salty steam, that comes out of the oven rich and wasted, takes me straight back to the ocean, straight back to

squid fishing in the dark, heavy nets billowing in the black currents, until the skipper flips the switch and every surface of the boat shocks itself alight, a tiny marble palace bobbing in the sea, shining steady from across the waves.

and then the searchlights, pouring down into the water, strike opalescent gold - the first clouds of squid, pulsing up from the gloom to where we are silently gripping the slick rails, waiting for the call, boots glowing on the wet deck.

when your mother takes her shoes off and pours herself a glass of something shallow and shimmery to drink, i float off the coast of california in my mind because you laugh like a lighthouse searching for a ship to save and you fan the turkey with your hands, and in this moment, it seems love is not so far from fishing, and we are not so far from squid -

that breathless search in the inky dark, and the phosphorescent promise of rising to the light.

To listen to Berett read her poem, click the play bar below. If you don't see the play bar, try the link.


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