The Tongass Transition

TransitionImage-254x300.jpgThe Tongass Transition was announced in 2011 by leaders of the Department of Agriculture to shift industrial logging focus away from old-growth clear-cutting and toward development of  a viable second-growth industry. This transition will introduce a more holistic approach to governing the Tongass that integrates and values a variety of non-timber industries.

The Sitka Conservation Society is dedicated to the Tongass National Forest as a whole, including its wildlife habitat, tourism potential, salmon fisheries, and rural communities. We have never supported the exploitation of Tongass timber at the expense of all of its other economic and environmental resources. For this reason, we are optimistic about the Tongass Transition and are working to push it forward as quickly as possible. SCS executive director Andrew Thoms now has a seat on the Tongass Advisory Committee, giving us some direct influence over the Transition’s directions and time table. While having a seat on the Advisory Committee is an important victory, SCS still needs your help to curb old-growth logging and protect our forests in their entirety.

Follow along and learn more about the significance of this transition, why it is necessary and how it will impact our 17 million acre backyard by reading our Understanding the Tongass Transition essay.


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