The Tongass is America's Salmon Forest

Sitka Conservation Society is proud to announce the release of The Salmon Forest, a 30-minute documentary film exploring the connection between wild salmon and life in Alaska’s Tongass National Forest, is now available for free online. Find the film here.

The Tongass produces more salmon than all other National Forests combined. These salmon are a keystone species in the temperate rainforest ecosystems and hundreds of species depend on them-- including humans. Salmon have been a food source in Southeast Alaska for thousands of years and continue to be the backbone of the economy. The salmon from the Tongass are a sustainable resource that can continue to sustain communities, livelihoods, and ecosystems well into the future-- if we manage the land and waters correctly. The Forest Service is at a critical cross-roads right now in its "transition" framework as it moves out of Industrial Old Growth Logging and into more diverse andsustainable ways to create benefits from National Forest lands and resources. Because the Tongass is America's Salmon Forest,and because Salmon are so important to all of us, we encourage the Forest Service to shift resources into the Tongass Fisheries and Watershed program and work to protect and restore salmon habitat and our salmon fisheries.

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