The Sitka Summer Music Festival

Nestled in a grassy clearing within Sitka National Historic Park, three musicians play Mozart to rapt listeners. The resonating classical music, reverberating amongst Tlingit totem poles and ancient rainforest, brings Sitkans and visitors alike to converge in this ocean-side park. Wooden salmon, each uniquely crafted and adorned by local artists, hang from trees near the path leading to the musicians.The Sitka Summer Music Festival is in full swing. This small, artistic community welcomes musicians like Zuill Bailey, artistic director of the festival, each summer to play in the forested landscape of Baranof Island. As Zuill says of Sitka, "It is of the earth. I feel like everything that's done here is pure, and every time I come back here I feel the same way. It kind of recharges and reboots." Perhaps there is no better way to renew one's self than with exquisitely played music in this vibrant community situated within the vast and awe-inspiring Tongass National Forest.

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