The Future of Kruzof Island

The next item on the U.S. Forest Service agenda is the future of Kruzof Island.

Decisions are being made regarding future timber operations, upkeep of cabins, shelters & trails, changes to stream & river management.

These are decisions that will affect the ecosystems of Kruzof Island, all the myriad animals that depend on those ecosystems, and us: the Sitkans who depend on Kruzof for its excellent hunting. fishing. hiking, bear viewing, camping and more.

The Forest Service will go ahead and decide the fate of Kruzof how they see fit, unless each of us speaks up and lets them know how much we value Kruzof and its future.

Tell the Forest Service how you want to see the future of Kruzof shaped. Contact the Sitka District Ranger Carol Goularte and let her know that Sitkans want to be included in planning the future of Kruzof!

Contact Carol Goularte: byemail[email protected] or by phone 747-6671



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