Take Action: Ask Gov. Parnell to Appoint a Worthy Head of ADF&G

[dropcap]Background: [/dropcap]Earlier this month, the head of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game's Wildlife Conservation Division, Corey Rossi, resigned after being charged with 12 violations related to illegal bear hunting. Rossi was controversial and divisive in his position in the agency, marring ADF&G's respectability as a science-based organization.

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[dropcap]Take Action:[/dropcap] Rossi's resignation opens up a new opportunity for Governor Parnell to learn from past mistakes and appoint a new candidate for the position who is honest, experienced, respected, and above all, qualified.

Please consider emailing the Governor to encourage him to select a qualified candidate. Click here to go to the Governor's contact page.

Sitka Conservation Society's letter is posted below. Feel free to use the points addressed to develop your own message to Gov. Parnell.

Dear Governor Parnell,

We were disappointed to hear about the charges brought against former head of the Division of Wildlife Conservation, Corey Rossi. Rossi, who resigned after he was charged with wildlife violations, was obviously not fit to hold authority over laws he himself could not abide by. This case points out how the Alaska Department of Fish and Game has lost credibility as a science based wildlife organization, and was instead headed by a big game guiding business owner who used his position to perpetuate the profits of himself and his colleagues, apparently sometimes illegally.

The Sitka Conservation Society would like to ask you to appoint a new leader for Rossi's position that will not make the same mistakes.

Specifically, we encourage you to appoint someone who:

  • Is honest, respected and, above all, qualified
  • At minimum, holds a Master's degree in wildlife biology or a closely related field
  • Has at least 10-15 years of experience in wildlife management
  • Has a proven track record of basing decisions from science and not personal agenda.
Our members of the Sitka Conservation Society hunt, fish, and trap for subsistence and to maintain their livelihood. We hope that you will recognize the importance of appointing a leader who will take Alaska's people and wildlife into account over his or her own agenda

We look forward to the qualified candidate you appoint to make needed changes to the Alaska Department of Fish and Wildlife.

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