Sustainable Southeast Partnership

The Sitka Conservation Society is a founding member of the Sustainable Southeast Partnership (SSP). SSP is a diverse network of organizations working together to meet the challenge of sustainable community development in Southeast Alaska. It is our collective mission to empower rural Alaskan communities to reach cultural, ecological, and economic prosperity.

SSP brings together a truly varied group of organizations ranging from conservation-focused groups like SCS to dedicated economic development organizations like Haa Aaní, LLC. SSP works across the region and includes seven tribal governments, specialists in energy independence, food security, natural resource stewardship, and economic development. Collectively, we take an integrated and holistic approach to sustainable development in Southeast Alaska.


SCS is part of this network because we believe that ecosystems and communities are served best when they function in balance. We cannot conserve ecosystems across the globe by simply setting aside lands and promising not to touch them. Rather, we need to rethink the ways in which societies and economies interact with the global environment, and we must reconceptualize what it means to “develop”. SSP pursues development following a ‘triple-bottom-line’ philosophy that balances environmental considerations, economic needs, and social values.

This robust and diverse partnership stands at the forefront of a promising new direction in Southeast Alaska where regional and community stakeholders work collectively within our communities to find balanced solutions to our region’s most daunting challenges.

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You can also click here to read the story of SSP's founding and the history of our partnership so far, Finding Balance at the Speed of Trust.


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