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A Sitka Conservation Society membership can be as little as $30 a year. However, donations beyond the basic level provide substantial support to SCS programing every year.  If you are passionate about keeping the Tongass wild, appreciate the work SCS does, and have the resources to make a larger contribution, we hope you will consider a donation beyond the basic membership level.

Here are some great reasons to donate to SCS:

Big Trees.  SCS has fought for over 40 years to ensure that future generations will be able to enjoy a healthy, intact Tongass.  Through on the ground monitoring, restoration, and advocacy, we aim to make sure it stays that way.

Kids.  The next generation of conservationists are already learning hands on skills to create a sustainable future through SCS’s education programs like Fish to Schools, Kids’ Energy Awareness programs, Science Mentorships, Stream Team, and so many more.

Salmon.  We’ve have built innovative partnerships to restore and protect salmon watersheds so that the lifeblood of our economy continues to thrive.  We also continue to advocate for more protection of salmon habitat.

Local Foods.  SCS has inspired loads of local food initiatives in Sitka.  We’ve also made it our priority to ensure our children are getting fresh, Alaskan seafood in the cafeteria, through Fish to Schools.

Community.  We like Sitka, it’s our home, and we work to make sure that as a community we are as sustainable as possible, through renewable energy and energy conservation programs, waster reduction initiatives, and community building programs like our Backwoods and Waters lecture series.

Way of Life.  We’re working to promote healthy communities by teaching kids what it means to be Alaska, and why its important to protect the land we rely on.

The Wilds.  If you enjoy hunting, fishing, kayaking, hike, or boating in the wild places near Sitka, consider making a donation.  SCS began almost 45 years ago when our founders fought (and won) protection for West Chichagof Wilderness.  We continue to fight to ensure that the wild places we love will be around for our children to hunt, fish, kayak, hike, and boat in.

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