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The Sitka Kitch is a DEC certified community kitchen that seeks to foster a sustainable and healthy community and food system through education, business incubation and community building. The Kitch is located at the Sitka Lutheran Church at 224 Lincoln Street.

EDUCATE / Providing cooking classes and skill building on a broad range of topics

INCUBATE / Providing hourly rentals of our DEC certified commercial kitchen on a case by case basis

CULTIVATE / Providing a space for community events and connections 

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The Sitka Kitch is a collaborative effort that would not be possible without the support of of our partners. We are deeply grateful to the Sitka Lutheran Church, the First Presbyterian Church, Sitka Local Foods Network, Sitka Food Co-opUAF Cooperative Extension, and Sitka Health Summit and to all Kitch Instructors for their leadership and contributions to this vibrant community initiative.

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