Sienna Reid - Culture, Environment, and Resource Management Intern

Sienna Reid is currently working at SCS as a Culture, Environment, and Resource Management Intern. She is a first generation college student attending Western Washington University (WWU) to obtain a BS in Environmental Science and minor in Anthropology. Sienna is Tlingit of the Kiks.adi (Frog/Herring Rock) clan of Sitka, Alaska; her Native roots keep her linked to her sense of place and strongly motivated to protect her homelands. Her family of commercial fishermen and environmental activists sparked her curiosity about the natural world from a young age and continue to remind her of her responsibility to the Tongass as they boat, hike, and pick berries together.

In 2017 Sienna worked for SCS as the Alaska Youth and Future Intern to document youth workforce development programs across Southeast Alaska. Over the summer of 2019 she assisted WWU graduate student, Octavio Cruz, in measuring clam condition indices in Quadra Island, BC traditional clam gardens. Sienna looks forward to any opportunity to blend Western environmental research with Indigenous traditional knowledge. She is passionate about land management and subsistence rights, and hopes to work for her tribe afte

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