Save Our Ferries!

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The Alaska Marine Highway System is in trouble. Big trouble. Facing a $3 million budget shortfall, the state is looking to cut services to better balance its budget. And our ferries are taking a bit hit.

The state released a proposed ferry schedule for next summer that would cut Sitka's ferry service to only ONE northbound ferry and ONE southbound ferry each week. That's way down from this past summer, where we saw an average of four northbound and four southbound ferries in Sitka each week.

As residents of Southeast Alaska, we depend heavily on the ferry system. Ferries help keep our communities running. They provide our towns with needed goods and supplies, boost our tourism industry, and pump money into our regional economy.  Our ferries connect us. Whether you're a high school athlete traveling to a regional tournament or a homeowner trying to transport building supplies back to Sitka, you depend on the ferry system.

Please take a moment to share why YOU love and depend on the ferry system. Please email [email protected] TODAY and explain that Sitka needs more frequent ferry service. You can also fax in your written comment at 907-228-6874. The deadline to submit a comment is November 3.

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