Celebrating Richard Nelson through ‘The Singing Planet’

When we lost Richard “Nels” Nelson just over two years ago, we lost a gifted writer, storyteller, advocate, anthropologist, and friend. Nels had a skill for articulating complex ideas, and in his writings passed along connections and values exploring what it meant to be part of the natural world. Through his work, he taught and reminded many of us the importance of respecting all living things, that we share deep connections with our natural world, and that we must all take responsibility for protecting them. At Sitka Conservation Society, we continue to carry forward his legacy and do our best to follow the paths he has charted, and celebrate the natural world of the Tongass that we share and take part in.

We’re excited to be partnering with Encounters North for a special virtual screening of The Singing Planet. This film follows Nels and author and sound recordist Hank Lentfer through an unforgettable immersion in wild sounds – birds, bears, bees, wolves, whales, and more – and the wild places that give rise to them.

You can RSVP to watch the film beginning February 23rd through February 27th, with a very special live Q&A session on Friday, February 25th at 7pm AKST, with Hank Lentfer and filmmaker Liz McKenzie.

To purchase tickets and to make a donation, click here: https://bit.ly/singing_planet

Proceeds from ticket sales and donations will support the ongoing work of keeping Richard Nelson’s voice alive in the world through new and classic Encounters radio broadcasts, podcasts and films. Donations will be matched by us at Sitka Conservation Society.

Can’t make the live session? No worries! The recording will be available for viewing through Sunday, Feb. 27th. 

Thank you for your support in helping us continue Nels’ legacy.

Richard Nelson helped Sitka Conservation Society set up the Living Wilderness Fund, an endowment fund made to honor the founders of SCS and all those who have become a core part of who we are. He will be honored through the Fund's work. You can donate to the Fund in honor of Nels here.