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Welcome to the Sitka Community Use Area (SCUA)! Also known as Sitka’s “home range,” SCUA encompasses over one million acres of the Tongass National Forest. Its lands and waters provide abundant benefits to our community through recreation opportunities, subsistence harvesting areas, renewable energy, business opportunities, clean air, clean water, abundant wildlife, and cultural and traditional resources. SCUA's resources make Sitka's incredible quality of life possible, but those resources depend on sound management practices. To help engage the community in our Tongass advocacy efforts, SCS helped to put together this project map in 2009 to highlight some of the more important projects and issues affecting SCUA. Using this map, SCS has been working with government agencies like the U.S. Forest Service, the City and Borough of Sitka, the Sitka Tribe of Alaska, Alaska Department of Fish and Game, and with local organizations to ensure that conservation and sustainability are core values of any Tongass management plans.

We are happy to share local conservation projects with you here!

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