Position Announcement: Climate Change Internship

We've been spreading the message for a few years now that Sitka is a national leader at countering climate change through its commitment to renewable energy and energy independence. In the past we've touted Sitka's investment in hydropower and the many efforts Sitkans have taken to reduce their carbon footprints. We are now pleased, but not entirely surprised, to share a link to the National Park Service, which is seeking summer staff to work on climate change issues in Sitka.

At just 113 acres, the Sitka National Historical Park is among the smaller national parks in the country, but, like the small community of Sitka, it recognizes that seemingly small steps are crucial in taking on climate change. The park's summer 2013 intern will be conducting stream flow and water quality tests in the Indian River as part of an effort to document the impacts of climate change in Sitka. This is critical work, particularly given the potential influence the Park Service has on driving policy.

In order to fight climate change, we need scientifically valid evidence of the impacts on climate change, and, as much as we wish we were not seeing the impacts of climate change in Sitka, we are grateful the Park Service here is stepping forward and investing resources. For more information on the program: Visit the NPS Position Description


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