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Become a Member of SCS to Protect the Tongass National Forest!  

Our members are the heart of the Sitka Conservation Society. Becoming a member amplifies your voice as we represent your values and ideals for conserving the Tongass National Forest. Members make a yearly donation to support our work and community programs. We will keep you informed of our current campaigns and volunteer opportunities, and will send you our beautiful annual calendar. 

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By becoming a member you are supporting:

The Tongass National Forest. The beauty of the old-growth Tongass is unparalleled. SCS has fought for over 40 years to make it stay that way.

Future Generations.  SCS believes in the next generation. That's why we're passionate about our environmental education programs like Fish to Schools and 4-H.

Salmon.  We’ve built innovative partnerships to restore and protect salmon watersheds so that the lifeblood of our economy continues to thrive.  

Sustainable Communities.  We are incredibly fortunate to have Sitka as our home. At SCS, we're working hard to make Sitka an Alaskan and national leader in sustainability. 

Alaskan Way of Life.  We want everyone to love our natural playground and resources as much as we do! Through education and outreach, we want to empower all Sitkans to celebrate our local foods, woods, and recreation opportunities. 

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