Meet Britainy: SCS Super Volunteer

Britainy is an Avian Care Specialist and works to rehabilitate injured birds of prey in Southeast Alaska. While she originally planned to be a librarian, volunteering with wildlife inspired her to change her major to Biology, and led her to Alaska! With her science background, she understands how intact ecosystems and healthy salmon streams are important for both humans and wildlife, including the bald eagles, ravens, owls, and other birds that she works with. Knowing that the proposed Pebble Mine would threaten wildlife across the state, Britainy volunteered by collecting signatures for a petition to stop the project. She also regularly shares her love of birds with passengers on SCS's Summer Boat Cruises. 

Britainy and Tito, a Pygmy owl 

We chatted with her about her love of birds, her experience volunteering on an environmental campaign, and her advice for those who want to be involved in environmental issues but don't know where to start. Thank you for inspiring us, Britainy!

What inspired you to take action on environmental issues?

Britainy: I was inspired to take action because I realized how vital and connected every part of our natural world is. The destruction of habitats and food sources (no matter how small) really has such an impact on the animals and birds we love. We must protect our resources and land in order to fully protect our wildlife. 

What is your favorite memory of working on the No Pebble campaign?

Britainy: I think the best memories I’ve made while campaigning has been the amount of people I’ve met and the amazing conversations that have started. 

What would you to tell people who want to make an impact on environmental issues but don't know how to begin?

Britainy: If you care about our wild world and would like to take action, I strongly suggest volunteering for the Sitka Conservation Society. In my personal experience, I am a bit shy and definitely more of an animal person versus a people person. But the thing is, if you really care about the animals, you need to lend them a voice. They can’t talk but we have the power to tell their story and to engage our community into caring for their well-being. Start with your friends, family, and coworkers, and expand the conversation outwards. You’ll be surprised just how easy it is and how many people really do care.

What is your favorite part about living in Southeast Alaska?

Britainy: My favorite part about living in Southeast Alaska? That’s extremely difficult to answer... because I adore every part of it. The staggering mountains that drop into the sea, the bounty of natural foods ranging from salmon to huckleberries, the lush, vividly green rainforest, the ridiculous amounts of bald eagles, whales, and other wildlife, and the incredible sense of community. I’m so lucky to have found my home.

To volunteer with the Sitka Conservation Society, please email [email protected] or call (907) 747-7509!


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