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Marjorie Hennessy, Community Sustainability Director, first visited Alaska in 1999 on a family trip and had wanted to return ever since. Marjorie started in February 2013 and works as a community catalyst and assistant program director for the Sustainable Southeast Partnership, a multi-faceted approach to sustainable community development and Tongass land management that serves as a model for other communities. Marjorie works with community partners to ensure that the Tongass’ resources are sustainably managed, enhanced and explored to the benefit of Sitkans and visitors alike.  The goal of the SSP and SCS is to see healthy, vibrant and resilient communities flourish throughout SE Alaska.  She has a Bachelor’s degree in ecology and Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Florida. Her primary emphasis was natural resource planning and management and her thesis project focused on a National Park in the Dominican Republic.  Prior to joining SCS, she was the assistant director at Butler University’s Center for Urban Ecology and an adjunct instructor in the biology department.  Her previous work experience includes working for land planning firms, land trusts and environmental consulting in Florida and Montana. 

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