Living With the Land Radio Episode 5: What's Jud Kirkness Dreaming About?

As a employee of Parks and Rec, Jud Kirkness keeps Sitka’s parks, lawns and flowerbeds beautiful for all of us to enjoy. Yet while he is mowing Sitka’s lawns, he admits to daydreaming about other uses for our public city land. What’s Jud dreaming about? Gardens! Gardens! Gardens! But Jud isn’t just dreaming. He is also making these imagined gardens a reality. Listen to his story below.

What’s Jud Dreaming About?

Living with the Land is a 12 part radio series exploring stories of place in Sitka. It is produced by the Sitka Conservation Society in collaboration with Raven Radio. You can also hear the episodes every Sunday at 10:27am on KCAW, just before Living Planet.


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