Living with the Land and Building Community in Southeast Alaska

The Tongass National Forest is the heart and soul of Sitka and the people who live here, as has been the case for thousands of years.

The Tongass provides our food, and it provides jobs in the fishing and tourism industries, which are the backbone of Sitka's economy. The Tongass is also where we go to relax and find inspiration.

When the Tongass is not well, neither is Sitka, a fact that has driven the work of the Sitka Conservation Society for over 40 years.

This blog will tell stories of the ways the Sitka Conservation Society, the people of Sitka, and all of Southeast Alaska, are finding ways and solutions to build communities that live with their natural environment and turn away from the unsustainable practices that were tried over the last 200 years. This blog will include stories of individuals, groups, practices we have learned, natural history concepts, and much more that we hope will begin to help us learn how to live with the land and build sustainable communities in Southeast Alaska.

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