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Information for Students
To participate in a Sitka Kitch class, please visit for details on all upcoming events and to register for classes. All classes require payment of a course fee, unless otherwise indicated. A limited number of scholarships are typically available for every class. Contact us for details.

Standard Course Fee: $40.00 in advance
This is a one-time fee that includes all supplies needed for class participation. The fee should be paid in advance with credit or debit card at Participants may also choose to drop off a check or cash at the Sitka Conservation Society office upstairs from Old Harbor Books. Some classes may have a different price point, depending on costs.

Student walk-ins are welcome if space is available and the instructor allows it. Classes may be canceled if fewer than eight students enroll. This decision will be made at the discretion of the Instructor and the Sitka Kitch team. If a class is canceled, all students will be refunded.

The Kitch entrance is located in the back of the Sitka Lutheran Church, on Harbor Drive, right after Bev's Flowers & Gifts. The Lutheran Church has limited parking available, so we ask that class participants use the lot across the street or other spaces available to the public.


Information for Instructors
Kitch instructors are community members who want to share their skills and knowledge with fellow Sitkans, and may be long time educators or new to the classroom. Instructors volunteer their time to prepare and lead classes in exchange for a small stipend. Instructor stipends are based on the number of students who participate.

If you are interested in leading a Sitka Kitch class please contact the Sitka Kitch Advisory Team at [email protected]

As a Sitka Kitch instructor, you are responsible for planning and delivering a class to up to 12 students. The Sitka Kitch Advisory Team will help you prepare your class and will set you up with a Class Host who is familiar with the Kitch space and equipment to assist you during the class.


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