Sitka Conservation Society

Energy Conservation Outreach

To help the community of Sitka rely on less supplemental diesel energy in a time when the hydroelectric dams are at their capacity and in turn to lower Sitka’s carbon footprint, the Sitka Conservation Society has worked to keep year-round messages of energy conservation and efficiency in local and regional media.  Using public service announcements, articles in the local newspaper, and presentations to organizations like the Chamber of Commerce, SCS has informed residents about state weatherization programs, local energy updates and utility changes, and simple home weatherization projects.

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  • The R Value of Insulation

    The R Value of Insulation

    As Junior Girl Scout Troop 4140 continues to press on with the Get Moving Energy Journey, the scouts learn the value of good insulation in homes and buildings. The troop had the opportunity to see four different types of common insulation and test their knowledge of R Value. The results surprised the girls as they [...]

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  • The Better Bargain

    The Better Bargain

    Months have passed with hydroelectric shortage and the City of Sitka Electric Department has warned the community that the risk of having to use supplemental diesel fuel to run the town’s functions is high. In order to let this message sink in a bit further, Utility Director, Christopher Brewton, made this graphic meant to encourage electric users [...]

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  • Energy Star Rebate Program

    Energy Star Rebate Program

    The City and Borough of Sitka partnered with the Sitka Conservation Society in yet another attempt to encourage electric users to decrease their electric consumption. The pair collaborated to develop a rebate program that will allow hundreds of local residents to upgrade old appliances to new Energy Star appliances. The Energy Star Rebate Program currently [...]

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  • Sitka’s Hydroelectricity Maxed Out

    Sitka’s Hydroelectricity Maxed Out

    In 2011, Sitka’s hydroelectric capacity was at the lowest in the last 30 years. The combination of a lower supply due to less rain and a high demand for electric heating forced the City and Borough of Sitka to use hundreds of thousands of gallons for diesel fuel last year alone to supplement the town’s [...]

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  • Alaska Craftsman Home Program Weatherization Workshops

    Alaska Craftsman Home Program Weatherization Workshops

    Small changes to a drafty or poorly insulated house can result in a significant drop in winter heating for a Sitka homeowner, not mention reduce the burden on the hydroelectric demand which is currently running at capacity. With this in mind, the Sitka Conservation Society and the Southeast Alaska Career Center partnered to bring residents [...]

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