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The Sitka Conservation Society works on a variety of issues affecting the Tongass and our communities.  In order to give succinct background and updates on these issues, we produce Briefing Sheets.  Please browse through the program tabs on the left for a list of briefing sheets pertaining to each topic.

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Threats to the Tongass

Redoubt Land Transfer Briefing Sheet- Sealaska Corporation has selected Redoubt Falls, the best sockeye stream near Sitka, for a land easement.  Non-shareholders will no longer have permission to access the site for subsistence fishing without a permit from the Corporation.


Central Kruzof Island Restoration – In November 2012, we ground-truthed the next restoration priority area in the Sitka Community Use Area – Central Kruzof / Iris Meadows / Shelikof Creek.

Red Alder on the Tongass- Red Alder may represent an opportunity for the Tongass to transition away from unsustainable old growth clearcut logging to one more respectful of appropriate scale and maximizing the value of forest products.

Northern Baranof Island- In 2007, surveys were completed of the watersheds in extreme northern Baranof Island, in the “elbow” of Peril Straight.  This area was almost completely clearcut in the 1960s, removing the 4-10 foot spruces once covering valley bottoms of this area.  These surveys focused on US Forest Service restoration efforts and gathering information to support future work.

Ground-truthing Project Final Report, 2005- A citizens’ initiative to document what is happening on past and proposed timber sales throughout southeast Alaska. The project emphasized the documentation and protection of rare big-tree forests, which are essential habitat for deer, goshawk, murrelet, marten, denning bears and other organisms in addition to being a globally rare treasure.


Starrigavan Restoration Project- Restoring wildlife habitat on 5.2 acres of young-growth forests in the Starrigavan Watershed and implementing a long-term citizen-based monitoring project.

Sitkoh River Restoration- A multi-year salmon habitat restoration program on the Sitkoh River.


Ocean Boulevard Briefing Sheet- This briefing sheet describes the collaborative process behind planning the Ocean Boulevard Wildlife Improvement Project on False Island. Note that this briefing sheet was printed in 2009, and the project has since been completed, although not using Stewardship Contracting as originally expected.


Stewardship on the Stikine- SCS has partnered with Wrangell Ranger District since 2011 to help manage weeds in the Stikine Wilderness.  This report details a project in 2012 to involve the Wrangell Troop #40 in stewardship efforts.

Wilderness Project 2011 Final Report – Final Report and Data Report for the 2011 Community Wilderness Stewardship Project

Wilderness Project 2011 Update-Update for the National Forest Foundation on the 2011 Community Wilderness Stewardship Project.

Region 10 Partner of the Year Award- In 2010, Sitka Conservation Society was awarded the Region 10 Wilderness Partner of the Year Award for the outstanding work of the Community Wilderness Stewardship Project.

Expedition: Russell Fjord Report- In the 2011 field season, the SCS Wilderness crew traveled to Russell Fjord to assist the Yakutat Ranger District in collecting data on, visitor use, recreation site inventories, bird counts, and plant surveys.

Wilderness Outfitter Information- Information for operators, guides, and their clients who use Tongass Wilderness Areas.

Community Profile: Gustavus and Pleasant Island- In 2011 the SCS Wilderness crew along with Southeast Alaska Conservation Council, made a community visit to Gustavus and a monitoring expedition to nearby Pleasant Island Wilderness to determine how the community uses the area and how they could become stewards of the island.

Wilderness Project Report 2010- Final report of the 2010 Community Wilderness Stewardship Project

Wilderness Project Report 2010 DATA- Data report of the Wilderness Project from 2010

Wilderness Project Report 2009- Final report of the 2009 Community Wilderness Stewardship Project

Wilderness Project Report 2009 DATA- Data report of the Wilderness Project from 2009

Climate Change and Energy

Blue Energy: Hydro-Power in the Tongass- An overview of Sitka’s clean, hydro-electric power resources.

Environmental Education

Wild Classroom: Teaching in the Tongass- In 2012, SCS helped organize a field immersion experience for Knox College’s “Alaska: Forest, Fisheries, and the Politics of Wilderness” course, including a 175 kayak trip, hands-on restoration projects, and presentations by local experts.

Alaska Way of Life 4H club- SCS helped initiate Sitka’s 4H club in 2010 to help encourage local kids to learn skills that promote an Alaska way of life.

RAC Funding Education Projects- The projects higlighted here, funded through Title II, are unique because they directly involve middle and high school students to conduct the work.

Local Foods

Fish to Schools- Learn about the “Fish to Schools” program, an innovative way to use local foods in school lunches as a teaching tool.

Tongass Resources

By Land and By Sea: Tourism in the Tongass- Learn why tourism is an important part of the Southeast economy.

The Bear Islands: Hunting in the Tongass- The benefits and impacts of bear hunting in the Tongass.

The Great Harvest: Fishing in the Tongass- Learn how salmon fishing supports local diets and the Southeast economy.


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    Reboubt Falls Land Transfer

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