Exciting Announcements for Sitka Green Business Awards

This week, two more Sitka businesses were awarded 2019 “Sitka Green Business Awards” by the Sitka Global Warming Group (SGWG).  Both businesses received the highest recognition, the Platinum level award.


2019 Platinum Award Winners - White's and Harry Race Pharmacies

The Alaska Computer and Office Supply Center and White’s and Harry Race Pharmacies are the newest winners of Sitka Green Business Awards.  Both businesses, like the 12 earlier 2019 award winners, are being recognized for their efforts that support the  community, environment and economy of Sitka.  Both businesses are engaged in practices such as recycling, printing 2-sided, using refurbished office supplies, and conserving energy.  These and other positive, “green” actions benefit the environment, save money, and increase the community’s sustainability and resilience. 

“We recognize and appreciate these award-winning businesses and their contribution to the sustainability of our community.  The way they do their work, and the work they do, supports Sitka in an environmental, financial, and social sense,” said Michelle Putz, coordinator for the awards and SGWG leader.  Putz goes on to say.  “We also recognize and thank the employees at these businesses since they are often the ones implementing these green actions.” Putz encourages the community to support these businesses that support Sitka.

With this years’s winners, 246 awards have been presented to over 80 Sitka businesses since the award program began 10 years ago. The awards have recognized leadership in sustainability in the business community. Businesses and others earned awards based on implementing simple and complex green practices.  The more actions a business implements the higher their award level. The list of “best management” practices that determined green business award winners was based on activities used by other Sitka businesses to support community and reduce their impact on the environment.

This year’s winners received a “2019 Sitka Green Business Award” certificate that can often be seen in the business’s window or check-out counter to identify it as a green business.  Green businesses are also listed on the Sitka Conservation Society’s webpage, http://www.sitkawild.org/sitka_global_warming_group, under green businesses. 

SGWG also announces that there is good news on the horizon for green businesses in Sitka.  “We are in discussions with a well-established, regional not-for-profit that shares our interests in sustainable and green economic development,” says Putz.  “Working with them, we hope to see recognition, appreciation, and support of green businesses not just continue but grow over the coming year in Sitka and beyond.”

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