Girl Scouts Shed the Light on Energy Efficiency

This year, Girl Scout troop 4140 isworking to become more energy efficient. The troop decided to take on the task of completing a comprehensive energy journey that will teach themabout energy usein their homes and school, how to conduct an energy audit, the importance ofweatherization,energy efficiency, and more!
As part of the Investigate portion of the journey, the girls focused on recognizing and sealing drafts, proper insulation, and energy efficient lighting. The girls learned that lighting accounts for 11% of most Americans' utility bills and is one of the easiest areas to improve energy efficiency. In one activity, the girls turned on identical lamps containing an incandescent and compact fluorescent (CFL)light bulb and took the temperature an inch above the light five minutes later. They were shocked to find that the incandescent light bulb read over 98 degrees F and the CFL bulb did not even register on the thermometer! The scouts then discussed that with light bulbs, as well as all otherappliances not intended for heating, energy is commonly wasted in the form of excess heat
The scouts will conclude the Get Moving Energy Journey with Earth Hour, an event meant to raise awareness of energy efficient lighting. Earth Hour will take place at Keet Gooshi Heen Elementary School and the troop willwork to promote this community event as the last part of the journey. Each troop in Sitka will have the opportunity to showcase how they have become more energy efficient in the last year and the scouts of troop 4140 will receive their final award in the journey. SitkaSchool District Board President, Tim Fulton, will be present to congratulate the girls on their achievements and encourage others to follow their lead.

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