Get Involved with the Board of Fish

For anyone interested in engaging in the Board of Fish process regarding herring, below are some specific actions that can be taken this week:

Photo by Bethany Goodrich.

1. Testify at the Board of Fisheries

Public testimony on finfish proposals will be heard on Monday 1/15 and Tuesday 1/16. You have three minutes to speak. DON'T WORRY IF YOU ARE NOT A "SCIENTIST". If you are concerned about Sitka herring, your testimony is important to hear - we are all Sitka Sound stakeholders! Also, know that you won't be alone: 21 people testified at the Sitka Assembly meeting; 55 people have submitted written comments. Testimony will likely begin Monday afternoon.

2. Write a comment to the Board of Fisheries

You can still submit written comments to the Board of Fisheries. Send your comment to Kyle Rosendale at [email protected] and Kyle will make sure your comment gets to the Board. 

3. Show up at the Board of Fisheries

If you don't feel comfortable speaking at the meeting, just showing up in solidarity will make others testifying feel more comfortable. The Herring Rock Water Protectors will be providing coffee, snacks & moral support at Centennial Building Room #2. Look for folks wearing Honor the Herring pins!
Photo by Bethany Goodrich.

4. Attend tonight's (01/12) stakeholder meeting

ADF&G will be holding the Sitka sac roe stakeholder meeting at 6:00pm tonight, 1/12, at NSRAA (1308 SMC). ADF&G typically provides a lot of good information about herring and management at the meeting. The meeting will be attended by industry representatives and will likely be attended by a few Board of Fish members. It would be good to show the Board just how much this community cares about herring conservation. 

5. Thank the Sitka Assembly

The Sitka Assembly passed a resolution to support herring conservation. They will almost certainly get some feedback criticizing them for the decision. They also need to hear some feedback letting them know we appreciate their efforts. You can reach them at [email protected]

6. Spread the word with family and friends

Herring conservation proposals will only pass if the community shows overwhelming support for herring conservation. The more voices, the better.

7. Follow along on social media

You can track updates from the Board of Fish meeting on Facebook at Herring Rock Water Protectors' and at Alaskans for Herring Conservation

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