FOOD Film Festival February 22-24

A FOOD Film Festival!

Learn what is happening in the Food Movement locally, nationally, and globally. Check out the films, join the roundtable discussion, and tune into Rob Kineen's keynote presentation on the use of local and traditional foods. Sink into your chair, munch on some popcorn, and get your taste buds in on the movie-theater experience! Films are free but donations are encouraged. Check out the line up below. Click on the title to learn more about the film.


Friday 8:30 pm: Feature Film @ Larkspur

Saturday 10:00 Ratatouille (Family Friendly Kid Movie) 12:30 Ingredients (111 min) 2:30 End of the Line (82 min) 3:45 Two Angry Moms (86 min) 5:30-6:30 Roundtable Discussion on Sitka's Food Resiliency 8:30 Feature Film @ Larkspur

Sunday 10:00 Feast at Midnight (Family Friendly Kid Movie) 12:30 Food Fight (91 min) 2:30 Bitter Seeds (88 min) 4:00 Food Stamped (63 min) 6:00 KEYNOTE speaker: Tlingit Chef Rob Kinnen "Store Outside Your Door" 7:00 Economics of Happiness(65 min)

--"Store Outside Your Door" Shorts will be shown in between a few films on both Saturday and Sunday. --All Movies screened in the Exhibit Room at Centennial Hall unless noted otherwise

Our Generous SPONSORS: SCS, Alaska Sustainable Fisheries Trust, SEARHC, Sitka Food Coop, Art Change, Film Society, Alaska Pure Sea Salt Co., and the Larkspur Cafe.

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