Fish to Schools

Fish_to_schools2.jpgThe Sitka Conservation Society is a founding partner and the coordinator of the Sitka “Fish to Schools” program. Our mission is to deepen youth understanding of local seafood resources by integrating locally-caught seafood into the school lunch program, introducing "stream to plate" curricula, and fostering a connection to the local fishing culture. SCS chose to engage in this project because even though Sitka is the ninth largest seafood port in the United States, locally caught fish had no place in our school cafeterias. We believe that students should have access to this nutritious, local food that drives our economy and embodies the interconnectedness of our community. These local meals also lessen our dependency on feedlot meats and build the foundation for a more resilient, regionally-adapted school lunch program.

Check out our "Guide to Serving Fish in School Cafeterias" and our "Fish to Schools Classroom Lessons". Also look at our Fish to Schools briefing page for more information about the program.

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