Expedition: Lake Elfendhal

Our first attempt to fly to Lake Elfendahl was not successful (due to weather) and we made camp on Lydonia Island. The second day, a float plane moved us to Lake Elfendahl where we spent 3 days.

Lydonia island is small island with a mixture of vegetation types cedar dominated young forest, scrubby mixed conifer, open muskeg and a pond with a small area of grass/sedge/herb meadow. In the small meadow we found our second invasive species of the field season, Phleum pratense .

There was sign of a camp site (tent stakes) on the island, but no trash.

At Lake Elfendahl we surveyed the outlet of the lake and approximately a mile down an unofficial trail to White Sulfur Hot Springs. Near the lake outlet we collected a buccal swab genetic sample from a Boreal Toad.

Near the outlet of the lake we collected some atypical species including Ranunculus aquatilis and Botrychium mulitfidum.

We also conducted sensitive and invasive plant surveys up the slopes of Mt. Fritz. None were found, but we did collect Cinna latifolia an under documented, but probably not unusual species of grass.

Notable bird sightings: Spotted Sandpipers, Semi-palmated plovers, and Common Loons.

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