Entrepreneurial Capacity Development and Local Business Catalyst

Position Title: Entrepreneurial Capacity Development and Local Business Catalyst

Host Organizations: Sitka Conservation Society www.sitkawild.org

Start-Date: TBD

Duration: 8 months with the potential for expansion based on performance and outcomes

Pay Range: $2,500 – 4,000/ month DOE

Background: Rural economies across the United States, and especially in Southeast Alaska, have tended to trend in a negative direction over the past several decades. This decline is often characterized by struggling locally owned businesses, abandoned downtown storefronts, and a lack of entrepreneurial capacity and business start-up activity. There has, however, been an increase in hope for rural communities over the past several years as the movement towards "Living Local/Buy Local", certification of origin, and local investment has gained interest. The focus on supporting local businesses and local business development has the potential to revive downtown districts, increase local capital flow and local sales tax revenue, create jobs and employment, and generally build a more resilient rural economy.

The Sitka Conservation Society (SCS) is seeking a highly motivated, self-starter to work with community partners and identify needs and opportunities in the community. The candidate's main focus will be to develop programs that stimulate and empower the community and establish projects that focus on living and buying locally.

Duties to include: The position will work under the supervision of Sitka Conservation Society staff and community partners to implement projects and programs that serves to build entrepreneurial capacity and catalyze local business development. The position will generally focus on the segment of the population between high-school and young adults (up to age 35) to provide learning opportunities, mentorship connections, skill building activities, business start-up support, etc. Specific program focus will vary based on candidates experience, background, and ability. Programs could include coordinating business skills classes, setting up mentorship programs, coordinating High-school Business start-up clubs, working directly with entrepreneurs on specific business development needs, etc.


  • Demonstrated background and skills in business
  • Interest, abilities, and skills in instruction, capacity building, mentorship, leadership, etc.
  • Ability to work with people of diverse backgrounds, skills, abilities, and cultures
  • Interest and background in sustainability issues, rural community development, "localism," etc.
  • Pertinent work experience and educational background
  • Professional skills pertinent to the position
To Apply: Please send a cover letter and resume highlighting pertinent professional or academic experience, and two references to Andrew Thoms, Executive Director at Sitka Conservation Society ([email protected]).

Click HERE for a PDF version of the position description.


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